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Scientists Find the Missing Piece of the Healing Puzzle That Makes...

“Spontaneous” Healing
Now Possible

Using the ONLY Total Healing
Push-Button Technology Ever Developed


healing diseaseFrom the desk of Dr. Alex Loyd, Ph.D., N.D.

Dear Health Conscience Friend,

hat causes a person who is suffering from an illness or disease – even a so-called “incurable”disease – to be healed spontaneously and restored to perfect health even without medical intervention?

     Spontaneous healing from illness has been a constant fascination to mankind ever since the dawn of civilization. To this end I have a profound story to tell you that will show you how this type of miraculous healing is now possible – on demand.

     I have to warn you, however, that this story is so dumbfounding it will be hard to believe. But once you read on and realize there's sound science behind this story – no matter how mystical it sounds – we're almost sure you'll be a believer, too.

The Story Behind Perfect Health Restoration

     In November of 2008, I got a call from a sweet lady who introduced herself and said, “What I’m going to tell you sounds crazy, but if you have a few minutes, hear me out.” I asked her to go ahead. She went on to tell me she has a very young son (under 10). The child woke up one morning and came to she and her husband, the father, and said, “I’ve got to tell you what happened to me last night!”

     The child was so excited that they were worried that maybe he’d gone out of the house or that something bad had happened to him. No. They would soon find out that the child was in bed the whole night. He told his parents that he’d had a dream. In the dream, a light appeared – a light that was warm and loving and very strong. She said her son stopped mid-sentence thinking hard and said, “Mom … actually … I’m not sure it was a dream.  It was real.”

     She told me that she and her husband just looked at each other … skeptical. Theirs was not a religious family. One parent believed in God, but one didn’t. They were at a loss for where he was getting this “vision.”

     Their son went on to tell him that, “This light came to me and took me to many places where many different things happened in the past.” Her son described some events he “visited” that were very famous and everyone would know at least something about. But there were other, very obscure events that the average person would not know about, especially a child. It was clear that the boy witnessed these events in great detail, as if they were happening right in front of him.

The Power to Heal Any Disease

     The child said that at the end of the dream this “power” gave him a gift. This gift was a series of words – 10 words to be exact. According to the child, he was told that the words were very powerful, and when said correctly, were very healing.

     The mother said she thought all of this was very strange, but something about it made her take it seriously. She and her husband asked the child to give more details about the events from the past that the child had witnessed, as they took notes. The parents were familiar with some of the events but not with others.

     They decided to investigate those events that they didn’t know about. They went on the internet. They went to the library. They really had to dig because some of the events weren’t even in normal history books. To make a long story short, every single tiny detail that the child had relayed proved to be the absolute truth.

     The parents called everyone they knew who might have come into contact with their son: friends, teachers, babysitters … But everyone said, “Not only did I not tell your son about that, I myself don’t even know that!  I couldn’t tell your child something I don’t know.”

     For the next year-and-a-half the parents and child used the words in the way the child was told to in the dream ... and experienced near-miraculous healing whenever they were fighting illness. The healing was hard to believe, but they couldn’t argue with the results.

     However, they didn’t know what to do with these “healing words” or who to call. Finally, they called me. They were past clients of mine. They thought I could use the words to help people. When the mother called, she said, “Here’s the deal. We believe we’re supposed to give you these words. We hope you can figure out a way to use them to help many people heal like we have. We believe that’s what they’re for, but we have two conditions. We don’t want any money from it and we want to remain anonymous so that our child doesn’t have people coming to analyze him.

     The last thing she said to me was … “Test them and if you find the healing results to be consistently effective with other people, just use them to help as many as you can.”

Now Anyone Can Restore to Perfect Health

     So I did just what she had asked. I tested the words for more than a year and a half.  Yes I was skeptical, but I could feel the mother's sincerity and believed her story. The results were exactly what the mother had said ... incredible.

     I couldn’t wrap my head around how these words could have such miraculous healing power, so I had to dig deep into my scientific background, and sure enough I found it!

     I know the story you just read seems mystical and hard to believe, but stick with me. Because if you’re willing to put your skepticism aside and keep reading, you’ll be amazed at how these 10 words formed the basis of the first, scientifically-proven mechanism for spontaneous healing.

     Even as compelling as the scientific evidence was for the healing capacity of these words, I did not stop there. Because just like anything, words alone only have so much healing power. However, when combined with the central healing principles found in images and sounds, it produced the only healing modality with the trifecta effect needed for total health restoration that:

arrow Opens all levels of a hidden immune system – to the mind, body, and spirit – not just healing physical disease, but also dysfunctional thoughts and emotions that keep a person from reaching their highest potential in health, happiness, and success...
arrow Reprograms unhealthy cells into healthy ones, thus eliminating abnormality at the root of any health problem – even so-called “incurable” diseases – without the use of drugs, surgery, or other medical intervention...
arrow Automatically unlocks self-healing and self-growth in the cells, thereby making 100% perfect health possible for the first time...

     Once you read the hard science and true stories that prove THIS REALLY WORKS the mysticism disappears. I believe that you’ll clearly see as so many others have, that this is, without a doubt, the most powerful healing technology ever developed.

It’s the answer to the age-old question…

Why Don’t People Get and Stay Well?

Do you ever wonder why – even after you’ve taken such good care of yourself – you still have health problems? Or why – even after you’ve tried so many medical or alternative treatments – you aren’t getting well?

     And if you've ever been diagnosed with a disease and gone through many seemingly advanced tests, you'll know that often when you ask, “Why?” and “Where did it come from?” and "Why isn't the treatment working?" the answer from even the best doctors is “I don't know.”

     It’s because virtually all treatments have only ever addressed symptoms or one part of a health problem, and therefore only partially heal.
     Research has been pouring out faster than it can be published about the root of our health problems (disease). This first-of-its-kind research is coming from medical institutions: UCLA Medical School, Stanford University Medical School, Yale Medical School, New York University Medical School, Southwestern University Medical School, the University of California in San Francisco, the Institute of HeartMath, and many others.

     The clinical research from these institutions has come to the same conclusion as follows: There are 3 parts of our being that are all tied to the immune system and affect every health problem (and any problem you may have in life, for that matter). Each requires a specific healing “key” where all 3 must be at work simultaneously to completely restore health – even from cancer – and stay healthy.

     Just like you need multiple keys turned at the same time in order to open a safe deposit box or bank vault, so must you have all 3 keys turned at precisely the same time to unlock the immune system and heal at the root of any disease.

     You can't just heal one part, like most treatments do, and expect the immune system to work as it's intended to. Healing one or 2 parts can bring some healing or relief, but when you fix all 3, the word “miracle” becomes commonplace (an everyday occurrence) – as in the case of spontaneous healing.

     In order to be FULLY healed, 3 things need to happen to your immune system to heal at the root of all disease – and no one thing has been able to do that … until now.

    This discovery – and specifically The Immune System Master Key – is a breakthrough in “energy medicine” – which I’ll explain below. Energy medicine is part of an expanding field that does not involve the use of pharmaceutical drugs, conventional medical treatment, or even complimentary supplements. It is more powerful than anything ever discovered, both by traditional and alternative medicine.

For the first time, both traditional and alternative doctors agree that energy medicine is the most powerful, legitimate healing source ever found.

     In fact, it's the missing piece in the healing puzzle that science has been trying to solve for decades – and it’s just been validated by hundreds of top scientists and medical doctors in the last few years.

     This discovery has actually been predicted by the greatest minds in the history of science, including Albert Einstein, Dr. William Tiller from Stanford, Nobel Prize Laureate Murray Gell-Mann, and Dr. Albert Szentz-Gyorgyi, MD and Nobel Prize Laureate. These geniuses all knew that some day we would find a way to harness the great power of energy to heal.

     Every traditional doctor is well aware of the use of energy in medicine. Energy is used in every hospital around the world in MRI's, CT Scans, etc. – but they've only come halfway in using energy. Typically it's used only to diagnose, not to heal.

     Even Dr. Oz – who is so mainstream he’s called America's Doctor” – said on the The Oprah Show in 2007 that: 

“We're beginning now to understand things that we know in our hearts are true but we could never measure.

As we get a better understanding of how little we know about the body, we begin to realize that the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine. It's not the mechanistic part of the joints moving. It's not the chemistry of our body. It's understanding for the first time how energy influences how we feel."  

     Another top doctor, Dr. Eric Nestler, MD, Yale University School of Medicine, Ph.D., Yale University, and director of the Friedman Brain Institute, agrees with Dr. Oz and many others; saying, Energy medicine is one of the most powerful ways of curing illness.”

Who Am I and Why Should You Believe Me?

dralexloyd     Hello. I'm Dr. Alex Loyd, Ph.D. psychology, N.D. natural medicine, #1bestselling author of “The Healing Codes.”     

     Much of my time today is spent lecturing all over the world live, on radio, the internet, and TV. I've been featured live on NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, and PBS News programs as an expert in healing the source issues underlying illness and disease. I've also been seen in USA Today, People, Time magazine, and many other print media publications. My work and I were the subject of a special that aired on PBS about healing the source of problems versus managing symptoms.     

     I've never spent even a dime to advertise, but have built one of the largest practices in the world – with clients in 50 states, 143 countries, and counting. My success comes from the real healing results my practice helps people achieve – 100% word-of-mouth.    

     Ever since I discovered and published "The Healing Code" countless people have used them to help themselves get better. It was my flagship healing solution that I've become known for all over the world.

     But after a couple of years, I came to the realization that even though doctors everywhere (after testing the codes themselves) endorsed The Healing Codes as the most powerful healing source ever discovered, I believed there was still something missing. The breakthrough I’m going to tell you about IS this missing piece – and it has led to the discovery of the most complete healing available today.

     It all started more than 20 years ago, when I was absolutely convinced that we have a second immune system that controls the first, but no one had ever discovered it. The belief of this other internal realm began to surface when the men came back shell-shocked from World War I and had physical symptoms even though they had no physical injuries. From then on, scientists began to understand and unravel how the non-physical controls the physical.

     It was the beginning of many discoveries that revealed…

What Causes Disease & Dysfunction in the First Place?


Research from top medical science institutions has discovered that disease manifests at an energy level long before it ever shows up physically. This science has revealed that our bodies respond to tiny energy fields in the form of frequencies that imprint themselves as “cellular memories” inside cells. 

drbrucelipton     Dr. Bruce Lipton, a world-renowned leader in cellular biology and quantum physics, and best-selling author of The Biology of Belief, revealed that DNA responds to signals from outside the cells.

    Electromagnetic signals that are produced by our senses, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions as we experience the world send "messages" that reach the cells.  As we constantly adjust to our environment in our mind, so do our cells. In other words, your DNA is not in control of the cells; your beliefs are. According to Dr. Lipton's research at Stanford Medical School, your beliefs control your DNA.

     When we experience stress of any kind – consciously or unconsciously – signals carrying negative frequencies of destructive energy reach the cells and cause mutation or “cell suicide” as they store the memory of:

arrow Physical stress from accidents, surgeries, abuse, etc…
arrow Emotional stress from heartache, fear, guilt, anger, etc…
arrow Mental stress from worry, low self-esteem, unworthiness, etc…

      This is why virtually every medical school and medical doctor on the planet for the last 30 years has said that stress is the cause of 95% of all illness and disease.

     There are two problems in trying to "fix" stress. First, stress is unique to every individual. What stresses one person does not stress someone else. It's unique to your programming. Second, the critical element is almost always internal, not external.

     As an example of both, picture two people sitting in rush-hour traffic. One is experiencing road rage while the other is as cool as a cucumber. So if you can heal your internal stress programming, you can heal anything, including the source of illness and disease. That programming is NOT made of bone, blood or tissue. It is made of energy – only and always energy. That's why you need an energy tool to fix it. You can't fix it with a pill or a scalpel. You can't cut it out.

     After a lifetime of stress-creating cellular memories that act like tiny radio frequencies transmitting harmful energy throughout the entire body, you can end up with more damaged cells than healthy ones. This may explain why we see more disease “randomly” showing up as people age.

     Disease is not random at all.

     According to Dr. Eric Nestler, "Your cellular memories can mean the difference between a healthy life and death. Diseases that show up later in life could be due to negative memories programmed into cells as you age. Cancer can be the result of bad cellular memories replacing good ones. Psychological trauma, addiction, and depression may all be caused by such abnormal memories inside cells."

     Most medical doctors agree that the immune system is capable of healing just about anything if it's not suppressed by stress. And it is a widely accepted belief that when your immune system is working correctly, it's impossible to get sick. But since negative frequencies can malfunction or even “turn off” the immune system, you become susceptible to all kinds of health issues.

     However, when you unlock all 3 levels of your being using the right POSITIVE frequencies:

arrow The immune system is re-activated and functions at full power...
arrow Damaged cellular structures and DNA can be repaired and re-programmed to be healthy...
arrow Cells switch from protection mode (against stress) to self-repair and self-growth mode, so they stay healthy and even thrive in such a stable, nourishing environment...

     Dr. Lipton proved how such spontaneous recovery from disease (including cancer) is possible while working at Stanford University's School of Medicine between 1987 and 1992. When a "sick" cancer cell from a "sick" body was transferred to a healthy environment, the cell recovered quickly and behaved normally, as if it had never been sick.

     As Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D., internationally-known physician of cardiology, interventional cardiology, and internal medicine explains:

“The ultimate approach to healing is to remove the abnormalities at the energy level which led to the manifestation of illness in the first place. Using frequencies to heal malfunctioning organs creates the ultimate preventive medicine which will correct destructive energy imbalances before overt illnesses ever develop.”

Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D.

Spontaneous Healing Occurs When Chaos Leaves the Body

Energy frequencies in the body can be scientifically measured as a hertz and identified as either “harmonic” or “chaotic.”

     Chaotic hertz, created by negative energy, can kill or at the very least damage the human cellular system to the degree that health and mental stability are in serious jeopardy.

     Since the health and wellness of the body is dependent on its harmonic hertz, which is created by positive energy, you can only get and stay well by eliminating the chaos.

     Science has proven that the use of highly positive frequencies found in certain words, images, and sounds create harmony – and therefore health. Scientists discovered that when there is a larger quantity of positive frequencies producing harmonic hertz in the body, cellular structures are repaired in what appears to be a spontaneous manner.

     Here’s how:

     Dr. Masaru Emoto, a world-renowned scientist and author, discovered that certain word frequencies create healthy or diseased molecular structures. In his fascinating experiments still demonstrated around the world today, Dr. Emoto writes the word “love” on the outside of a container of water, freezes it, and then shows what happens to the water molecules under a microscope.

The results are absolutely shocking…

The word “LOVE” forms water molecules into beautiful, brilliant kaleidoscopes of geometrically-perfect snowflakes.
The word “KILL” forms water molecules into dark, deformed, randomly chaotic structures.

     Well guess what? Our bodies are made up of over 70% water!

      What Dr. Emoto’s findings prove is that we can change our molecular makeup (DNA) to be in harmony or chaos, depending on the words we say, hear, and even think.

     In California, the Institute of HeartMath did a similar study that proved the chemical effect of words. These scientists took human DNA, put it in a test tube, and had people hold it while they said a certain word. The results were equally as shocking and conclusive as Dr. Emoto’s.

     When they held the vial and said a positive-frequency word, it had a healing effect on the DNA. When they said a negative-frequency word, it damaged the DNA.

when healing word frequencies are combined with healing frequencies found in certain images, the effect on the health of the body is even greater.

Consider this:

     It is estimated that an average person has 10,000 thoughts or images flashing through the mind each day. Each of these images (your imagination) creates millions of neurological connections in the brain, which is energy!

      At least half of all thoughts are negative, such as anxiety of meeting a deadline or quota, a coming speech, job and family stress, etc. Unharnessed, a steady dose of destructive energy from negative images can alter your physiology and make you more susceptible to health problems – from acne to arthritis, headaches to heart disease, ulcers and to all kinds of infection.

      Conversely, it’s been shown that a steady dose of the right positive-frequency images release brain chemicals that act as your body's natural stress reducer, thereby activating the immune system and decreasing the production of destructive cellular memories.

      In one study, a group of metastatic cancer patients using daily positive imagery for a year achieved significant improvements in NK (natural killer) cell activity and several other measures of immune functioning.

     At Michigan State University, researchers found that students could use imagery to improve the functioning of certain white cells called neutrophils, which are important immune cells in defense against most diseases, including viral, bacterial, and fungal infection. trifecta

The most powerful healing, however, is only achieved with the trifecta effect. When the highest healing frequency in sound is combined with those in words and images, it is an unbeatable combination of healing power.

     At 528 hertz, the sound frequency of “love” has the most powerful healing frequency ever found! This frequency was used through the middle ages with miraculous effects, but somehow it was lost and then rediscovered by an Italian medical doctor in the 1960's. Since then, it has been clinically tested and validated.

     Its “miraculous” healing and transformation is understandable if you realize that when you’re awake and just going about your regular daily activities, you’re “vibrating” with energy of about 13 to 20 hertz. But imagine resonating at 528 hertz of pure positive energy!

     Dr. Candice Pert, PhD, scientifically explains just how powerful this energy is. She states that, “Energy frequencies are transmitted so deep within the molecular level they begin to vibrate. This vibration, which happens at the cellular level, opens the chromosomes and exposes the DNA to the frequencies.” 

     Today, the 528 hertz frequency is being used by biochemists to repair human DNA.

     In fact, full recoveries have been made after there was a significant increase in a sick person’s capacity to love as well as a heightened awareness of love as a part of the healing process.

     Conversely, it has been observed that in those whose disease progressed rapidly, there was a marked increase in fear (one of the lowest and almost exact opposite frequency of love) as well as doubt, resentment, anger, depression, and other forms of stress.

Woman freed of cancer with the words
“I Love You”

In California, a woman named Sylvia, who was fighting Stage 4 lymphoma, reported to her doctor that before being diagnosed, she felt great physical and emotional pain from years of feeling unloved. She felt no support from her husband, experienced complex discord with family members, especially from her in-laws, and eventually weakened to the point of bed-rest after a hostile divorce.

Her oncologist, who directs one of the most prestigious cancer centers in the United States and normally only practices using traditional medicine, had the insight to tell Sylvia about the importance of love in her healing.  To help in the process, her doctor ended every appointment with the words, “I love you” – words almost never said by a doctor to a patient.

Sylvia believes that her doctor was the pivotal change in her treatment where love became the central force in healing, and eventually freed her of cancer.


     Dr. Gary Schwartz, PhD., Harvard-trained professor, former Yale professor of psychology and psychiatry, and currently the director of the Human Energy Systems Laboratory at the University of Arizona in Tucson says, “Though I was originally taught that such healing miracles do not and cannot happen, the fact is that they do. Science can now help us to understand and use them in the medical field.”musicvibration

     Dr. Leonard Horowitz, world famous author of 15 health science books, a graduate and formally on staff at Harvard as a public health expert, has studied the miraculous healing power of the frequency of love (528 Hz). According to Dr. Horowitz, “all healing occurs from sound waves or vibrations and the 528 Hertz is THE MOST POWERFUL vibration.” 

     Human cells use DNA, like radios use antennae, to receive the note vibrations and attune the body’s rhythm to that of the cosmos. Dr. Horowitz refers to the 528 Hz note as "the frequency of love" which, in addition to providing miraculous health benefits, opens the portals to spiritual transformation.

     But the most astonishing finding I uncovered was the fact that certain spoken words with the highest frequencies are emitted all the way to the most subtle energy bands, nine of which have been discovered and named by scientists. When the boy’s parents came to me with the 10 words, I immediately wondered if these were the same words scientists had previously identified for their healing potential. I checked and sure enough, they were.

     I then realized that what had in my possession were the most powerful healing words in the universe! I tested these words and found that when they were said in a certain order – which happened to be the order that the boy was given them. When I combined the word frequencies with corresponding sound and image frequencies, it produced The Master Key – the most potent healing power I’ve ever witnessed.     

Spontaneous Healing at the Push of a Button?

he Master Key is the only healing technology we've been able to find on the planet that UNLOCKS every level of your being for spontaneous healing at the push of a button.

     You simply pop in the DVD on which I’ve recorded the highest healing frequencies … watch and listen for just 10 minutes a day … and HEAL!

     You don't have to tap, rub, take (nutritional supplements), or anything else – you push the button and relax for 10 minutes. Of course you can continue to do any health practice you already do and work with your primary care physicians ... The Master Key will support all your health efforts and even make them more effective (see below).

     When you do The Master Key, what you are infusing into your body are the most powerful healing words in the universe (in an exact sequence), the images that correspond exactly to these perfect healing words, and the "miracle frequency" sound of love (528 hertz). These are not just any frequencies - but the exact and perfect frequencies that have proven to heal.

     The Master Key includes 3 different types of healing frequencies because we are not just a physical body, but mental and spiritual too. For complete health restoration and to operate optimally as a human being, all three parts must be unlocked and healed of any chaos and restored to harmony.

     In addition, The Master Key is the only system on the planet that we can find that unlocks all 3 levels of our being and activates our second, non-physical immune system – which then turns on our first, physical immune system. Then and only then can all 3 parts of our being be healed at their source. I believe this is why so many healing and self-improvement programs you may have tried in the past have missed the mark. They may have had one or two of the keys, but never all three keys.

     Each of the 3 Master Key frequencies correspond to a specific part of your being, and are in the “language” and correct sequence so that the:

1. The perfect Words heal the mind
2. The perfect Images heal the spirit
3. The perfect Sound (frequency/vibration) heals the physical body (repairs DNA)

      As you relax into the most peaceful meditative state you’ve probably ever experienced, these healing frequencies seep into every cell of your body and start to unlock your immune system.

     Once unlocked, spontaneous healing starts to occur throughout your body, mind, and spirit – thus healing at the source of any health problem you may have. Your unconscious mind and body are reprogrammed back to health and optimal function as DNA consistently receives positive, high-frequency signals – so you stay healthy.

     More than that, since every Master Key frequency is a form of the 528 Hz frequency of love, you are literally bathing your entire being in love at a cellular and sub-cellular level. Imagine how that feels! Truly there is no greater feeling, nor greater healing power, as the science you just read has explained.

     The people who use The Master Key say it’s the best part of their day and look forward to it each and every day! They feel more peaceful and a deep healing – far beyond what they've felt before. People find it easy to stay with because it only takes 10 minutes a day and they can do it any time from any computer.

     In a hurry?  Try The Master Key for yourself now and discover the 10 healing words. Then, make their healing power a part of your everyday language, writing, and thoughts – and feel the difference!

     According to our testing, it takes approximately 40 consecutive days of using The Master Key to fully unlock the immune system. With your immune system turned on and working like it was meant to, the healing effects will permeate every area of your life as you continue to do The Master Key. It helps you get and stay physically healthy, genuinely happy, and be able to deal with whatever comes up. 

In a very short amount of time as your body shifts to a state of harmony, you’ll begin to notice that your:

arrow Stress goes away
arrow Health improves
arrow Emotions are steady
arrow Thoughts are positive
arrow Sense of balance, peace, and well being is much greater

     Even if you don’t think The Master Key is working because it’s something you cannot see, it is working! Subtle changes will take place that you’ll become aware of. After a few months, you may find yourself saying things like, “Wow! I’m not as upset with my spouse as I used to be.” Or, “Hmmm … Those aches and pains aren’t there anymore.”

Use Alone or With Other Therapies...
But The Master Key Makes Everything Work BETTER

womanrunning     Believe me, you can eat the right food, drink clean water, take all the best supplements, and do all kinds of exercise, but you won’t get the benefit if your cells are locked and the good stuff can’t get in.            

 Our testing showed that when you do The Master Key, not only does it open you up for healing, it makes all the things you do for your health work better. In other words, you get more benefit from your nutrition, medical treatments, workouts, and any other health regimen when get your daily dose of The Master Key     

     The Master Key unlocks all levels of your being to heal the cellular source of stress and disease and transitions cells back to health and normalcy.

     The Master Key goes far beyond the healing power of:

arrow Standard or Complementary Medicine
arrow Psychology
arrow Acupuncture
arrow Meditation
arrow Affirmations
arrow Binaurals
arrow Nutritions
arrow Exercise

     The Master Key is a push-button therapy that unlocks ALL areas of your being so they can heal spontaneously, no matter of where they lie – body, mind, or spirit.


     The Master Key is the ONLY therapy that addresses every level of your being at the same time with the perfect healing frequencies. No other treatment or therapy targets all 3 levels, especially not all at once to achieve such a high level of concentrated healing.

     There is not and has never been anything on the planet that does what The Master Key does – unlocks all levels of your being for healing. This was not even possible until all 3 of the Master Keys – one for each of our 3-part being, body mind and spirit – were discovered, validated, and put into this unique 10-minute push-button healing technology.

     For those who who are aware of my flagship program called The Healing Codes, let me assure you that The Master Key is COMPLETELY different. If you are currently using The Healing Codes, The Master Key will take your healing and potential to a drastically increased level of power and effectiveness.

     The Master Key is a distinctly different and essential healing mechanism, as are The Healing Codes. However, The Master Key does something The Healing Codes does not do, just as The Healing Codes does something that The Master Key does not do. Each has immense healing power, but maximum healing comes from using them together.

     The Master Key can absolutely be used alone for tremendous healing power or with anything else to skyrocket the effectiveness of other healing modalities.

      From the very first use, you can literally feel stress start to melt away – and along with it, disease inside your cells. You can sense the transition into a healthier state.

This is the "Real Deal"

     Yes, I know this all seems like wizardry and "woo woo" ... but actually, as you just read, there are decades of solid science behind this healing technology. 

     Consider this: when you look at many scientific advances when they first came out, they also seemed like wizardry and woo woo. Imagine if you were in Salem, Massachusetts in 1692, you had a cell phone and it rang. What would happen? You would either be hung or burned at the stake, when in reality it's just an advance in science and technology.

      We totally understand that for many, maybe even you, reading about how you can get deep and complete healing through the frequency of love, specific images, and words from a young boy's vision ... sounds absolutely nuts. We've been dealing with this for years.

     You saw at the top of this page that I have been interviewed live on ABC, NBC, CBS, TBS, Fox, and PBS news television programs. This is absolutely true. I was introduced as "a doctor who is an expert in healing the underlying source of illness and disease."

     But before the media would put me on these mainstream television news programs, they put my company and I through a year and a half of unbelievable scrutiny – making sure we were the real deal almost to the extent of what brand of toothpaste we used.

     After the media was 100% convinced, they put us live on the news. And these were not infomercials or ads, but live television news programs. You have to understand, major media does not like to be embarrassed. That's why you almost never see things like this on those live television news programs.

    The Master Key is not some fly-by-night program. It is the first push-button healing technology ever developed using energy medicine – the most powerful healing source which was first discovered by Albert Einstein and has been validated by the brightest minds in medicine ever since. It is simply an advance in science. Even Dr. Oz – America's Doctor – said that energy healing is the next major frontier in medicine.

The Only Way You'll Ever Know ... Is To Try It

     You don't have to understand it fully in order to benefit from these healing frequencies. Most people who've used The Master Key just went ahead and tried it – and were healed of whatever they were suffering from long before they understood how the healing frequencies worked.

     I'm not saying that doing The Master Key is guaranteed to cure any disease in two months, but what I am saying is that you're getting true source healing. You don't know what your true source of dysfunction is because you're not aware of how many or which cellular memories are wrecking havoc on your health or life. They exist at the unconscious level. But when you heal the underlying source of disease and the stress that comes with it – as The Master Key does – the physical issues (disease) tend to get better or are completely eliminated.     

     Please understand that though The Master Key can have miraculous or near-miraculous healing effects, it's not magic. The time it takes to see improvement is in direct proportion to the severity of your disease or other condition. Bigger health or life issues will typically take longer to heal, although sometimes results show up much sooner than expected.  And always remember this ... The Master Key is not treating disease, it's treating the underlying source. It treats the source not the symptoms.   

     After 15 years of using energy medicine to help people all over the world, and even more so today after testing The Master Key system for 41/2 years, what I consistently keep hearing is, “Wow! I’ve tried so many things and this is what finally broke through!”

      In one test of 80 anonymous participants, the average rating for the effectiveness of this healing process was 4.95 out of 5. There was not one negative comment. 100% said they would recommend The Master Key to a friend or family member.

     Here are just a few unsolicited experiences from people who have used The Master Key with amazing health and life breakthroughs (all testimonials are on file at the offices of Dr. Loyd Services).

It reduced my Parkinson's symptoms!

As anyone with a progressive neurological disease will tell you, when the symptoms start acting up, as they do with more stress, your disease feels like it's taking over. There’s no denying the sickening feeling I get sometimes when everyday life can make my Parkinson’s so much worse.

But once I started doing The Master Key, there was a calm and deeper peace that came over me, and I just felt better. The words are very powerful. One time, my symptoms started to kick up again, and since I knew the words in their correct order, I just started saying them and unbelievably it reduced my Parkinson’s symptoms right on the spot!”

I’m going to keep doing The Master Key. The Master Key is a tool I use whenever stress starts my symptoms going. I believe this may be the one thing that has a chance of taking away my Parkinson’s altogether. So why not use it? What have I got to lose? I do it 10 to 20 minutes a day and it makes me feel so much better!”

--Phyllis, Bend, Oregon 


“These Master Keys are changing
every area of my life”

"As a former 'self-help junkie' who tried all the ‘success techniques’ and found they didn't work, this one does! It is extremely powerful and so simple to use! The healing words provide a source of meditation I look forward to every day. The amazing way I feel is real – like these ‘master keys’ are changing my health – and giving me results in every area of my life … very quickly, too! 

It’s like a miracle … I have more energy, seem to need less sleep, my relationships are better, I’m more peaceful, and my career is taking off with much less effort than ever. I highly recommend The Master Key to anyone."

--D.E., Illinois


“The pain disappeared”

“The Master Key has taken me to levels where I now experience complete BLISS as my total being entered a level of healing that I had not experienced before. The feeling I get when I do The Master Key is very similar to getting ‘high.’ I can feel every cell in my body responding to the frequencies as they play. I believe this truly does take your whole being to another level where we can receive much deeper healing … mentally, spiritually, and physically.

It even works on an everyday practical level. For example, a bad stomach flu was going around and I was busy taking care of others that became ill with it.  After about a week, I awoke in the middle of the night with that ‘feeling.’ I just knew I was getting sick … having the tell-tale signs of my stomach churning with nausea. I was in so much pain I could hardly breathe, but since I had been doing The Master Key and memorized the WORDS, I starting saying them – and before I could complete the list, the pain disappeared. It never returned and I never did get sick, much to the amazement of my family.”



“The negativities are just melting away”

“The Master Key is quite phenomenal! It has been a quantum leap in my healing process. Every day it’s helping to clear the blocks the depression and despair that FEAR has been producing in me ... it's really working!

  I can feel this Power Source healing everything I am challenged with. It creates a powerful, meditative state where I feel like my whole being is immersed in healing. All of me is there for a super focused period of time. The process is so enhancing my healing, it feels like all the negativities are just melting away ... like they have no chance to hold their stand when so much healing energy is directed at them all at once.”

--Ruth Ann


“I took my last anti-depressant!”

“I’ve experienced much healing with The Master Key. I’ve had constant bladder infections for well over four years, and ulcerative colitis which has come and gone for many years. I’ve felt like I’m running on empty and have just been exhausted a great deal of the time. All of these health issues are enormously improved since I’ve been doing The Master Key.

I’ve also had tremendous anxiety and depression in my life and nothing is more important to me than inner peace. Very negative stuff that happened in my childhood has caused identity issues and left me extremely damaged. I suffer greatly from what I call MOTHER/CHILD/BROKEN HEART issues from painful experiences in my life.

I had already done a great deal of work for my own healing, but when I began to use The Master Key, my health improved to a level I had never been able to get to before

My doctor told me I would be on antidepressants for the rest of my life ... I’ve taken them on and off for over 30 years! But when the doctor saw the difference in me, we began slowly lowering the dose and getting off the meds … until eventually I took my last anti-depressant!”



“Within 3 days it was 99% healed!”

“On a routine dental visit, my dentist found a 3mm area of abnormal tissue. She became very concerned. She watched it for weeks, no change, and was about to recommend a specialist, but I asked for a little time. I focused on this condition as I did The Master Key. Three days after I started that, I had to see the dentist when I broke a tooth. She checked the abnormal tissue and said it was all fine now ... it was 99.9% healed! My dentist couldn't believe it.

I also do The Master Key for relationship issues. I’d never been close to my mother, and the reason why was revealed as I practiced The Master Key. Healing began then and has far exceeded my wildest imagination. I can honestly say we are very close now.

The Master Key began a deep healing in me that have not only healed and deepened my relationships with my husband and children, but were the catalysts for their openness to seek healing in their own lives.

As an everyday health practice, even just meditating on the 10 words is extremely powerful. To me they encapsulate great truths. When you finish with the Master Key, you feel balanced and peaceful."



“I’ve had more opportunities than ever!”

“Since I'd experienced so much physical healing when I first started doing The Master Key, after more time with it I wasn't surprised when the healing went deeper to relationship and even success issues I’ve had my whole life. Even in this horrible economy, and despite the fact that my industry is in the pits, I’ve had more opportunities than ever! In fact, I just turned down a job offer last week!”

--Test participant #62


“All you need to get and maintain true health

“What you'll experience doing The Master Key you will never get in any other way. Here's why: You will be tapping into extremely powerful energy that will affect three areas: health, success, and relationship issues. You will experience an 'energy of love' like you’ve probably never had before and a process that heals on such a complete level, it's astounding.

It is one of the greatest gifts of my life to have come across this material. WHATEVER you would invest in any aspect of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health for the rest of your life, invest it here. The Master Key may well be just about all you'll need to get and maintain true health the kind I believe we were created to have.

So if you want a breakthrough with some health, relationship, or success issue, I do not think you will ever regret trying The Master Key. Even if it's a financial stretch for you to get it in this economy, do it anyway. In fact, if finances are an issue, this could be the catalyst for turning that around! Perhaps you too will experience a profound breakthrough in one or more areas of your life, as I and so many others have.”

--Test participant #78

Is The Master Key for You?
s you read this, you are now “programmed” a certain way. For disease or health. For success and prosperity, or poverty. For wonderful intimate relationships, or destroyed relationships.

     You may have thought, “Why do I get cancer and this person doesn’t?” “How can this person have such a great relationship and mine seem to be such a struggle?” “Why can I only get to here and other people get way over there?” 

     It’s all how you’re programmed. There is no pill or scalpel to heal the source of these issues. It does not exist.

     Hopefully, on the basis of the scientific evidence and success stories you've read thus far, you're already interested in learning more about The Master KeyBut if you're like most people, you're probably saying to yourself, “Wow, healing with frequencies is really unconventional. How could they be so effective? I don’t know if I understand how they work.”

     Your skepticism is understandable. But consider this: We live in a world where we use things we don't fully understand as long as we know they work. For example, most of us don't know how our cell phone, computer, or car engine works – or how we're able to a take picture and send it across the country to a friend in a matter of seconds without wires.  All we know is that there are invisible frequencies that are sent and received via transmitters.

     This technology is actually 100 years old and started in the 1920's with the invention of the radio. Invisible waves that we couldn't see were received by our radio and we experienced them as music or someone talking to us through this box. The cell phone just took that same technology to another level ... as now The Master Key does today.

     Likewise, we know that The Master Key does work. Even though we can’t really see the frequencies of words, images, and sounds – we do know that invisible healing energy, just like the invisible cell phone frequencies, can be transmitted directly into our cells – and consequently, turn your immune system back on

     You don’t have to understand exactly how all the science works. When you’re fighting illness or any tough issue in your life, the fact that something actually works and doctors approve is enough!

     Let me assure you, even if you are suffering from disease right now, there is more you can do than what conventional medicine is telling you. As simple as it sounds, curing disease is only a matter of reprogramming” unhealthy cells into healthy ones – thus clearing all abnormality from your entire body. The science proves this!

     In the same way that negative cellular memories can damage your DNA, positive cellular memories can heal damaged DNA that would otherwise make you sick, unhappy, or suffer unnecessarily. And since positive frequencies activate cells to self-heal and self-grow, you can conceivably create an internal environment that gives you “perfect health.”

So ... you need not decide now whether The Master Key is for you or not. Below you'll be given the opportunity to try it for yourself at absolutely no risk to you. 

How Much Is Your Health Worth to You?

What is the value of using the most powerful push-button healing technology ever developed – the only one that has been found to unlock all levels of our being and eliminate the root cause of any disease (destructive cellular memories). And in doing so, creating a body that spontaneously heals on its own and preventing disease from inhabiting your body in the first place?

     What is it worth to have a scientifically-tested healing technology that takes only 10 minutes to do – and requires no equipment except your computer, iPad, iPod, ... and at the push the button have healing power like no other transmit throughout your entire being?

     How would your life improve if you could get well and stay well without the use of drugs, surgery or medical treatment? What would you be willing to pay to make your body virtually immune to cancer, heart disease, and other health conditions?  What would creating a state of being where your body, mind, and spirit thrive for the rest of your life be worth to you?

     What price can you put on making complete health restoration and a lifetime of perfect health possible? Why, that would be priceless, wouldn't it?

     People would gladly pay thousands or give up everything they own to be free of disease, especially if they have a terminal disease. And there are those who would rather die than go through the pain and uncertainty of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery or any invasive medical treatment.

     For all the health benefits you'll receive by using The Master Key, you will NOT have to pay thousands of dollars. You won't even have to pay $1,000 – although this one-of-a-kind healing technology is definitely worth far more than that.

     The Master Key price of $197 is only a small fraction of what the average person pays for health-related purchases (and re-purchases) over a single year!  And it is something you buy once and benefit from not just for one or two months ... but for a lifetime

     I’m sure you realize this one-time investment of $197 is nowhere near the cost of treating all the health issues the average person faces. When you don’t use The Master Key to heal the root of a health problem – and eliminate it you’ll have many visits to doctors and therapists, and years of buying drugs, supplements, and other solutions that, as you now know, can only treat symptoms. They'll never give you complete true source healing like The Master Key does.

     Clearly, The Master Key may prove to be the best investment you'll ever make for the health of your family and yourself! 

"De-stress" anytime, anywhere quickly!

he gift of peace and healing is THE ALPHA INDUCER and it is my FREE GIFT to you. It wipes out or greatly diminishes stress in seconds and activates your healing systems. Balance can be restored in just 2 minutes, anytime, anywhere.

     Stress is the cause of up to 95% of illness and disease because it turns off all healing systems, and puts individual cells in death and disease mode. It acts like an electric fence around our healing systems. Before you can get those critical systems back on, you must deal with the electric fence.

     In the 1920's and 1930's, brain research discovered that we have four distinct brain states. They are: delta, theta, alpha, beta. Beta is the brain state of stress (among other things), and alpha is the brain state of peace. So, if you can switch your brain state from beta to alpha, you have just turned off the electric fence, and turned on your healing systems.

     In the 1950's, brain research discovered a simple way to "induce" an alpha state. This research has been replicated many times since then, confirming the power of this simple process. I believe I have improved this process after years of testing and tweaking. The new and improved Alpha Inducer that came out of this testing, which I have not seen anywhere else, is my free gift to you just for trying The Master Key.

     Now, you have the opportunity to feel the power of The Master Key and the Alpha Inducer for yourself with absolutely no risk.

     Get The Master Key immediately today – the digital (downloadable) edition risk-free takes seconds to start using. Here's what you'll get that you can't get anywhere else: 

  • 7 Custom-Engineered High-Resolution Quality Videos (120 minutes)

  • 12 Custom-Engineered Crystal Clear Digital Audio Recordings (210 minutes total)

  • The Master Key Manual that clearly and simply lays out definitions, components, research, and the complete process

  • The Master Key Starter video in 4 parts (to which you'll be given immediate online access)

  • Recorded Audio Coaching Sessions with me telling you exactly how to use and fully benefit from The Master Key

  • The Alpha Inducer to de-stress every day using simple step-by-step instructions
    this offer comes with a complete 100% satisfaction One-Year Money Back Guarantee!

    AND, you're getting a total value equal to $939
    using current apples-to-apples product comparison. I know you often hear these kind of comparisons and they turn out to be inflated, but this is in no way an inflated value. In fact, if you were to buy the top, closest competitor's product in the world for the last 10 years, it would literally cost you $939. And that product DOES NOT COMPARE to The Master Key in effectiveness. Not even close. It is now old technology with this release of The Master Key.

No Risk With This Total Satisfaction Guarantee

I’m so sure The Master Key will transform your health and life like you’ve never experienced before ... that I’m extending the following unconditional guarantee for an entire year:

     If you're not totally, 100% completely satisfied with the way you feel after consistently using The Master Key, simply contact me anytime in the first year and I’ll personally make sure you get a prompt, courteous refund. No questions asked, but keep the Alpha Inducer as your everyday stress reliever.

     There’s no better guarantee than AN ENTIRE YEAR of test-driving The Master Key in your own home. We want you to already have the healing results before you're committed to the purchase. Therefore, if you are not TOTALLY satisfied for any reason, let me know within 365 days of ordering and I’ll gladly give you back every penny of the purchase price.

     Choose from the following payment options:

  • Option 1: Digital Download instantly to your computer for $197 or two payments of $99. 
  • Option 2: The Option 1 Digital Download PLUS the hard-copy media package including 6 DVDs and 3 CDs mailed to your home or office for $275.00 or two payment of $137.50.
  • If you plan to download these to your smart phone, iPad, iPhone, etc. I highly recommend this hard-copy version.

     Please see all-included components and side-by-side comparison below.


checkboxYES!  Please send me The Master Key program so that I, too, can experience it’s amazing healing power and start transforming my health and life in ways I never thought possible.
  • I understand that once my order is authorized over the secure server, you will process my order promptly and I will receive a digital download password and instructions and if I order Option 2 with the media pack you will send that to me.

  • I understand I will be getting the most powerful healing technology ever developed in The Master Key program, which takes only 10 to 20 minutes a day to heal the source of any health issue from the comfort of my own home.

  • I understand that I get a One-Year Money Back Guarantee because you want me to use and test this technology thoroughly. I promise to do my part and use The Master Key consistently every day to experience results as promised here.


    The Master Key is an amazing value. Look at what you get with the most robust, complete healing technology ever offered:

    7 Custom-Engineered High-Resolution Quality Videos
    (120 minutes total) use daily to unlock your immune system and permeate 3 perfect frequencies into every cell that heal all 3 parts of your being: mind, body, and spirit.
    access only
    hard copy

    12 Custom-Engineered Crystal Clear Digital Audio Recordings
    (210 minutes total) listen to at work, at home, in the car, and everywhere else you go to de-stress and heal as you go about your daily routine.


    6 educational videos, including:

    - Introduction to The Master Key
    - Getting Started with The Master Key
    - Master Key Terminology and Definitions
    - Bringing It All Together
    - Tips to Improve Results

    Manual with step-by-step instructions
    Alpha Inducer use any time to turn off your stress switch and produce Alpha waves in your brain, thereby turning on your healing systems and creating instant peace and relaxation.
    Not available anywhere else

    TOTAL VALUE (83% discount)

    access only
    Program values based on top comparative company in the world, which has existed for over 10 years. None of the companies we have found contain even one of the perfect frequency combinations and offer only a fraction of what The Master Key delivers in product components and benefits.

One Payment $197.00


OR... Two Payments of $99.00 - 30 days apart.



Option 2 - DIGITAL EDITION + Hard Copy Media Package


One Payment of $275.00


Or... Two Payments @ $137.50 - 30 days apart


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